Order an Alexa Skill for your radio station

Alexa Skill in 5 Days or Less.


We are the fastest maker of Alexa Skills.  Most between 2 and 5 days from when you send us the info back.

Your Talent can introduce and end the stream.


Have your air talent record intros and endings to play before and after your stream plays.

You don't have to stream with us.


You can stream with any company that outputs a shoutcast or icecast stream.  We can still make your skill for you.

Your graphics will appear in your skill listing.


Send your station logo to us so we can add it to your listing on Amazon.com.  Send it to Sales@ShoutStreaming.com

$299.99 one time payment

$79.99 Update your Alexa Skill

Downloads REQUIRED to list your skill

You must download, fill out, scan and email back to Sales@ShoutStreaming.com in order for us to have your skill listed on Amazon.com